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One of our first projects upon moving here to Meadow Vista was to clean up the stickers and brush piles on the hillside sloping down from our house. Being a nice open area of about an acre it seemed like a great spot for a tiny little farm of some sort. We decided that lavender would be our crop of choice. The soil is naturally a little on the alkaline side and drains well – two properties lavender prefers. Being a sun worshiper, the South-facing hillside would be perfect for our plants.
In the fall of 2017, we got serious. I laid out nice planting lines along the contour of the slope. Then Delyn got involved. She insisted that the rows be in a wavey pattern with a spiral around the Maple tree. She is the fun one. We installed a drip system to each of our nearly 500 plants which only needs to be run every other week during the hottest of summer months as the lavender is very drought tolerant. Each plant was about an inch tall at the time of planting. Four years later, they are fully grown and seem to be quite happy!
In late June each year, we have a lavender u-pick event in the lavender field. We have met so many friendly people a made lots of new friends. Imported from Portugal, our copper still is the perfect tool for distilling lavender into fabulous essential oil and hydrosol. Portions of the lavender are hung in our barn loft and become dried bundles or sifted into buds.
Our family and friends have enjoyed these products so much that we are making them available to others. We will be offering dried lavender bunches, lavender buds, sachets, hydrosol, and essential oil all raised and processed right here on our little farm in Meadow Vista.
Noticing that all manner of pollinators enjoys the lavender flowers, we decided to study beekeeping and set up a small apiary. We have learned a lot in our first two years with the bees and have harvested some very nice honey. Soon we will be adding small batches of bottled honey to our product line.
Plant propagation is our newest endeavor. We have raised many lavender plants from cuttings taken here on the farm and hope to have some ready for market soon.
Thank you for your interest in our offerings and we hope to see you next June at our u-pick.

Johnny and Delyn French
Gypsy Hill Lavender Farm

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2130 Volley Road, Meadow Vista, Ca 95722


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